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Unisys Smartsource Check Scanner Driver

The SmartSource Micro Series offers enterprises a low-cost, easy way to deposit checks from their offices directly into their bank accounts. Move the check limiter out far in pockets, stack poorly. Hyundai preps in-car p On one of these incredible check scanners, you can choose the speed, number of output pockets, and endorsement that matches your workload requirements. Document Feed Tray Open the top cover document feed tray to turn on the scanner.

Why is Image Unisys scanner important? Based upon a common platform, the SmartSource series is driven by the powerful Unisys Device Suite, a web-based interface for all distributed capture devices offered by Unisys. With a throughput of documents per minute, geforce 7025 driver xp the Unisys scanner Professional Elite check scanner from Burroughs unisys scanner the speed necessary to process large deposits.

Unisys smartsource check scanner driver

Business Solutions for Governments and Regulated Industries. Maintenance Scanner cover Push down and then pull the cover lever to open the roller cover first. Slide documents forward to the end of the feeder bay - printed sides face the side of the unit, not the feeder flag. Contact Burroughs for or broken. On all units, do not raise the endorser above the top print position.

Hold both sides of the rollers to pull out the separation roller assembly from its compartment. Who pays the true cost of financial crime?

Unparalleled ease of use and ergonomics. Scroll horizontally for more information. Then, wipe the contacts in one direction only, sideways, as shown here. Insert the cartridge back into the cartridge housing. Do not attempt to spin or rotate the rollers while cleaning, for it may damage the drive train mechanism of the scanner.

Unisys SmartSource Professional SSPPK2 Check Scanner

Unisys SmartSource Professional SSP-1-PK2 Check Scanner

Financial institutions also gain greater control over system configuration, since they can unisys scanner and match different types of item processing software with unisys scanner scanner hardware. All of the items in this kit can be ordered separately.

Scanner cover Feed roller assembly Loosen the screws on the roller cover with a screwdriver. Good seller fast shipping! Positioning Documents Load and center the stack of documents onto the document feed tray, with the side to be scanned facing down and the top edge facing toward the feeder. Cleaning The Unit This section identifies which cleaning procedures are required, illustrates how to properly complete these procedures, and describes the cleaning supplies. Grasp each cover and lift it straight up and off the unit.

When needed, cleaning is easy. Cleaning the Scanner Glass Surfaces To open the scanner cover, hold the two sides of the scanner cover and pull them up firmly. At unisyw same time, it provides financial institutions with a cost-effective remote capture solution unisys scanner small-business customers.

We unisys scanner in helping clients use information to create efficient, secure business operations that allow them to achieve their business goals. Financial institutions also gain greater control over system configuration, since they unisys scanner mix and match different types of item processing software with check scanner hardware. Need Help Plug the SmartSource into a line conditioning device or an uninterruptible power source available from Burroughs supplies. Care And Cleaning Care and Cleaning To ensure optimal performance from SmartSource Advantage, it is important to clean several critical parts of the scanner on a regular basis. Many of these features can be upgraded at unisys smartsource professional series location on-line as your business requirements expand.

Be the first to review this product. Many of these features can be upgraded at your location on-line as your business requirements expand. Open View The cover of the scanner. Locate the feed roller assembly at the bottom of the scanner. Pick Rollers Used to pick up documents into the feeder.

Infrared and Ultraviolet front imaging options for security applications. Card Tray Holds the card to be fed into the feeder.


Communications Industry Solutions. The Value series also offers front and rear image capture, multiple image renditions and one to four line endorsement making this a highly efficient yet affordable option. Caution If feeding more than one item, do not slide or push items into the unit past the end of the feeder bay.

Microfilm Viewers Microfilm Scanners. By doing so, it may damage the rollers and cause the scanner to work improperly. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver and software.

When lit, this light is always yellow solid or blinking. Its extensive set of features offers unparalleled flexibility for easy, fast integration with remote deposit capture applications. We can ship quantity one same day if know early enough. Infrastructure Transformation Implement proven cloud strategies to transform with confidence.

No top green light on top of Multiple causes. Physical and virtual unisys scanner endorsement options. To review the complete capabilities overview of the Expert, Professional and Value series product lines. Always close any open programs and turn off anti-virus utilities before installing software.

Automatic inkjet cartridge detection and ink level monitoring. Contact us for wholesale discounts! Inkjet cartridge out of ink, or low on Replace the inkjet cartridge.

Use a new, unused Cleaning Pad for this cleaning procedure. Pocket with automatic feeder flag. Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Solutions. You choose the speed, number of output pockets, and endorsement that matches your workload requirements.

Pocket capacity is approximately items. All of the items in the cleaning kit can be ordered separately although not in the same quantities shown for this kit.

Initial Setup Following Three Easy Steps After unpacking your scanner package, follow the steps in order for a quick and easy installation process. All units except Professional units All units except Professional units with automatic feeder flag. Clean the area indicated in the picture below, but do not wipe with the pad inside the small rectangular cutout in the image wall or wipe the image glass again. Infrared and Ultraviolet front unisys scanner options for security applications.

Burroughs SmartSource Advantage User Manual

Unisys SmartSource Professional SSPPK2 Check Scanner

Then hold the roller cover and pull it out carefully. Hold the cloth gently against the cartridge contacts on the bottom of the cartridge for three seconds.