Toshiba A40-sp150 Drivers

However, should problems occur, following the procedures in this Chapter can help to determine the cause. The slot A is reserved for main memory. Turn the power on and make sure the added memory is recognized. Starting a computer that is currently off turning on the power.


Never touch substrates such as bare speakers and Power buttons. Closes the window without accepting your changes. Record your observations so you can describe them to your dealer.

This guide, which is included with the computer, explains product liability. To interpret and execute an instruction. Check the software volume settings. Enables the Wake up on Keyboard.


This Chapter gives details on making the most effective use of these resources including charging and changing batteries, tips for saving battery power, and power up modes. They may cause unstable operation and data damage. Installing the internal modem The internal modem is preinstalled.

The battery can explode if not properly replaced, used, handled or disposed of. Two screws secure the keyboard and one screw secures the metal brace. Right Side In case of a lightning storm, unplug the modem cable from the telephone jack. Default This setting should be used with some other parallel devices. Rotate the keyboard back into place and secure the keyboard brace as described in the previous section.


If slot A two beeps, If slot B three beeps, If both, two and three beeps. Make sure the display is closed before turning over your computer. When you press these hot keys, the current setting will change and be displayed as an icon.

Toshiba Satellite A40-SP150 Manuals

Disables the Wake up on Keyboard. Disconnect the cable from the computer in the same manner. Be careful not to apply tension to this cable when you lift up the keyboard. Input a time in Power Save Delay Seconds. An example is the television set.

The Battery Pack is identical to the one that came with your computer. Never let a battery pack become wet. Become familiar with each component before you operate the computer. At least once a month, run the computer on battery power until the battery is fully discharged, then recharge the battery.

It causes the breakdown when touching. Preliminary Checklist Do you hear any beeps? Also called an operating system disk. Make sure the outlet is supplying power by plugging in an appliance.

For environmental reasons, do not throw away a spent battery pack. It also provides tips on caring for your computer and on heat dispersal.

Toshiba Satellite ASP Manuals

Toshiba a40-sp150 drivers

Conventions Keys The keyboard keys are used in the text to describe many computer operations. Supervisor Password Supervisor password Refer to the readme file of the Supervisor Password Utility for instructions on setting the Supervisor Password. See also software and firmware.

Do not use the computer on surfaces with objects that can be drawn in by the cooling fan. Make sure the connection between the external device and the card is firm.

You must recharge a battery pack when it becomes discharged. Attach the plastic spring to the keyboard with its flat face downward after confirming the direction.

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Lifting into the left the insulation sheet. Installing The Battery Pack Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or regulations.

Before you call Some problems you experience may be related to software or the operating system, moxa cp-168u v2 driver it is important to investigate other sources of assistance first. All readers should become familiar with this chapter. Also be careful to keep foreign objects out of them.