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Yes, you can customize every sword on our website. The Sageo cord is used to secure a katana to the Obi Belt. The tsuba was mostly meant to be used to prevent the hand from sliding onto the blade during thrusts as opposed to protecting from an opponent's blade. After the blade is forged, it is then sent to be polished. The uchigatana style koshirae is the most commonly known koshirae and it is what is most associated with a samurai sword.

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The handle is wrapped tightly with silk or genuine leather ito by an expert of the craft. Then the tsuba is inserted too. After both layers are applied, the smith will go to work with a small spatula, arranging the clay in a specific pattern on the blade to create the beautiful, dating bingo card unique temper line.

  • Once the light layer of clay is applied to the cutting edge, the smith will use a thicker clay mixture for the spine of the blade.
  • We encourage you to explore our site for ideas on the style and details of your sword.
  • Loved my sword when I saw the pictures and fell in love when I got to hold my sword in my hands.

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Custom-Made Hand Forged Samurai Sword Japanese Katana

Each hamon and each smith's style of hamon is distinct. Japanese weapons, armour and equipment. We can also engrave a symbol of your choice.

Koshirae were meant not only for functional but also for aesthetic purposes, often using a family mon crest for identification. Bonguk geom Wungeom Four Tiger Sword. Other uses for the sageo are tying the sword to the samurai and hojojutsu. Couldn't ask for a better customization. It was useful for self-defense indoors where the long katana and intermediate wakizashi were inconvenient.

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Random House Publishing Group. In addition, supplies of the Japanese steel tamahagane used for swordmaking were limited, so several other types of steel were also used. Yes, please contact us for our full fittings catalog which features more options not listed on our website. Tanto and wakizashi swords usually take around a week longer to make since they are not as commonly ordered. The clay is painted on to the blade in a thin layer.

They were usually lavishly decorated. Our swords are made with a traditional niku edge by default, meaning the cutting edge side of the blade is convex, slightly rounded for maximum durability. The slurry causes only the blade's edge to be hardened and also causes the blade to curve due to the difference in densities of the micro-structures in the steel. It has the double purpose of locking the tsuba guard in place, sites and to maintain the weapon in its saya scabbard.

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Tsuka-ito is the wrapping of the tsuka, traditionally silk but today more often cotton and sometimes, leather. In general, the mei should be carved into the side of the nakago which would face outward when the sword was worn. Our swords are constructed with traditional Japanese methods and can be fully disassembled for maintenance. The Japanese blades we offer are in a variety of lengths.

In a duel, two participants may lock their katana together at the point of the tsuba and push, trying to gain a better position from which to strike the other down. For other uses, see Katana disambiguation. We have over one hundred different types to choose from, for katana, wakizashi, and tanto. First, there are three basic types of archaic Japanese dating to be considered. However, this dating system was abandoned after the war.

The sword came excellently packed and in very short amount of time. National Institutes for Cultural Heritage. Liaoning bronze dagger culture. Balisword Espada y daga Hagibis Tenegre. Sharpened steel swords made in Japan, called Shinken, are considered a national treasure and there are strict laws governing sword production.


Nengo and eto are commonly used and even sometimes used together. Japanese families with samurai roots sometimes have their family crest mon crafted onto a tsuba. There are some variations of some of the characters. The package can be opened by cutting down the middle of the thin side.

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Pre-Columbian era Macuahuitl Macana. Heating and quenching the blade at the perfect temperature is something of instinct that can only be mastered through years of experience by a skilled swordsmith. Paul Martin Leave your thoughts.

Western historians have said that katana were among the finest cutting weapons in world military history. Therefore, inscriptions containing these two characters are often avoided and alternative characters are used instead. Martial arts practitioners, historical re-enactors and others may still own such swords. Same'gawa is the rayskin used for the tsuka handle wrapping, placed beneath the ito wrap.

The following menuki are made from alloy, brass, and copper. The engraving is laser engraved. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. We offer folded and steel as an option for those who value the traditional forging process and unique beauty of traditional Japanese swords.

It's lighter than what I'm used to. The blade is the most important part of a sword. Shikomi-zue could be carried in public without arousing suspicion, making them perfect tools for shinobi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There were some minor imperfections in the edge geometry.

The chudan no kamae guard is determined by the tsuba and the curvature of the blade. This process produces sharp edges. Katana were used by samurai both in the battlefield and for practicing several martial arts, and modern martial artists still use a variety of katana. After the mixture is carefully prepared, kiss the smith applies it to the roughly ground sword with equal delicacy.

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Traditionally the koiguchi and kojiri were made from buffalo horn. Beautiful work of art that is also razor sharp. This rather fluid disparity in Japanese and western dates should be taken into account when reading the archaic date inscriptions on the tangs of Japanese swords. If the sword is clay tempered, the smith will apply a special clay mixture to the blade before tempering and quenching performed with water in this case. This is where the forging process will differ depending on the type of sword.


Many swords were confiscated and destroyed, and swordsmiths were not able to make a living. Menuki are placed under the tsuka ito handle wrap to help with the grip of the sword. Since a tachi was worn with the cutting edge down, and the katana was worn with the cutting edge up, the mei would be in opposite locations on the tang.

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  1. The need for specialized storage is because prolonged koshirae mounting harmed the blade, owing to factors such as the lacquered wood retaining moisture and encouraging corrosion.
  2. Previously, the curved tachi had been worn with the edge of the blade facing down and suspended from a belt.
  3. Swords of Northshire is proud to offer free wordwide shipping for all of our products.
  4. The habaki will cause normal wear and tear inside the scabbard, and either a shim or a total replacement of the scabbard may be needed to remedy the issue as it will become too loose over time.
  5. Hand forged swords are perfectly fine to possess in these countries.

The fittings are all tight and the ito has not moved an inch, which is a common problem with many of my other swords. Furthermore the grooves always done on both sides of the blade make a whistling sound when the sword is swung. The sword can be disassembled by hammering out the two mekugi pegs and pulling the handle and fittings from the blade. When the sword is shaken, you will not hear any rattling of fittings. We offer three kinds of etched hamon styles.

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