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German Formula One Racing Drivers

7 of the greatest German F1 drivers of all time

7 of the greatest German F1 drivers of all time

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Philip Fotheringham-Parker. Prince Bira British Grand Prix. Vitaly Petrov Bahrain Grand Prix. Senna to the wire, and if not for the injuries he suffered in Dallas that year may have gone on to be a better driver than he was. We sometimes forget just how fast, mentally tough and ruthless he was.

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It's hard enough comparing different eras in the same discipline. Tony Maggs British Grand Prix. Two very popular wins, four podiums and six points finishes put Frentzen third in the standings at the end of the campaign, his best result. What a fantastic career he had.

In the nineties Ratzenberger switched to Japanese racing. Like the legendary and tragic Gilles Villeneuve, he walked a tightrope in a racing car. Indonesia became the latest country to be represented by a driver when Rio Haryanto made his Formula One debut at the Australian Grand Prix driving for Manor Racing.

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Joe Kelly British Grand Prix. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Over the next few seasons Schumacher and Ferrari saw some success and some controversy, including his disqualification from the season. Good point however, looking at careers as a whole, I think Danner deserves inclusion given that he performed better against Brundle than Bellof.

The man with all the luck, and it's all bad. No need to be fancy, just an overview. The next in my series of articles to pass the time during the off season.

World Champion dead from a heart attack. Robin Montgomerie-Charrington. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What makes you not rate Stuck sr, though? Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher.

Personally I think Frentzen, Heidfeld and Hulkenberg are very similar in overall level. He became the second son of a former champion to win a title. But admittedly, also partly because he's a personal favourite of mine - though I might suspect the same deal with your vouching of Hulkenberg. Hulme later went on to race for Mc.

We are now in the heart of the European part of the Formula One season, dfi 865pe infinity driver for windows 7 and the German Grand Prix takes place this weekend at Hockenheim. It also means that Germany's best ever driver - Walter Rohrl - is excluded whilst Ralf Schumacher isn't. Austrian and Central European Formula Ford championships. Current season Formula One World Championship. Formula One drivers by country.

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Tiago Monteiro Brazilian Grand Prix. He went off- track on the previous lap, damaging his front wing, but rather than come into the pits he continued since he was competing for the final grid spot.

And when it comes to corporate hospitality, Formula One Racing. Drivers who only participated in Friday practice and who were not actually entered for the race are not included. The United Kingdom is the most heavily represented with drivers. Everyone are naming the same drivers. Johnny Claes British Grand Prix.

Brundle didn't so much beat Bellof as run nip and tuck with him. Seemed very good on his day, but there were other periods that left you unconvinced. Leo Kinnunen Belgian Grand Prix.

And even then I think his season the one time he got in a genuine front running car was a bit underrated at the time, based on people not realising just how good Schumacher was yet. Subsequently, the high speed on the backstraight, and therefore high downforce pressure on the front wing, finally broke the wing off, sending it under Ratzenberger's car.

German formula one racing drivers

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He began racing in German Formula Ford in and in won both the Austrian. There are currently two German race drivers in Formula One. Rio Haryanto German Grand Prix.