Did the driver shoot John F. Kennedy

Did The Driver Kill Jfk

As mentioned, most limo companies require that the limo rental lasts for at least. What languages were spoken by John F Kennedy?

Did The Limo Driver Kill Jfk

The first shot to hit the president went through his neck, but did not kill him. Who won he Kennedy Nixon electon? He faltered and panicked, slowed the limo to look into the back seat, and didn't step on the gas until Roy Kellerman shouted for him to do so. Well, I drove the followup car for quite a long time you know, off and on.

And I believe that if the driver had it all planned, he could very easily have, on cue, whipped around and shot Kennedy and whipped right back into position. Multiple shooters create confusion and divert attention from the real kill shot. McAdams started his argument by saying it is obvious who killed. The first shot went through the president's neck but did not kill him. Regardless of who fired the shot, he was killed because he became a threat to the shadow Government.

Kennedy overcame a disdlitle Read More. How could he have done this and still driven straight? Another look at the Zapruder film debunks this theory. Greer, in his turn to look into the back seat of the limo, is not pointing any weapon, nor can it be said that he is holding a weapon with either hand. The midnight blue, un-armored convertible was rebuilt with a permanent roof, titanium armor plating, and more somber black paint.

Check the film again and see if it makes sense now. Kennedy was president from - Read More. He is the only other person I have heard propose that theory. As noted in his Warren Commission testimony, Bill Greer was not a highly trained, highly educated agent. You look at the frames and then tell me different.

Even though Kennedy and Connelly had both been shot, the driver applies the brake, slowing down to nearly a complete stop. If the driver shot him, topcon monitor driver wouldn't his head go back and to the right instead of back and to the left? But I find it hard to believe that the driver did it. Keep your eye on the driver.

Zapruder frames show driver killed JFK

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And how long after discharge from the Navy was it before you joined the U. Besides the driver who were the four people in John F.

No offense, but a so simple solution can only discredit you. Which presidents anisals are John F. Formally he's referred to as John F. The most common names are President Kennedy, John F. The weaving car would have forced people to look at the driver and they would have seen the shooting.

Did the driver kill jfk

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You might say that what Andrea Koller did that night in New York. Researcher Bill Miller sees that Agent Greer does seem to have his left hand off the steering wheel. They are the most examined few seconds in American history. Kennedy republican or democratic? Did Elvis Presley shoot John Kennedy?

Also, frames are missing in the released copies of the Zapruder film. Johnson presumed he did when he took office.

Kennedy shot by the driver? Watch the video and judge for. Regardless, nothing is in his hand.

Did the driver shoot John F. Kennedy

Background on Greer

Where of the boys of John F. Both of Greer's hands are on the steering wheel as the limo was on Elm Street minutes before the shooting. Kennedy was the second son of Joseph P.

Did The Limo Driver Kill Jfk

Background on Greer

In any case, had the driver done it, one of the four other people in the car, or many people in the crowd, would have seen it. That's actually an excellent point. Caroline Kennedy was the daughter of John F.