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Look at the bottom of the shotgun receiver. Hi Ya'll, Tracked my old ex sold it to my bro in-law Citori was older then I had remembered. If the springs get weaker they do and the gun continues to see use, they tend to eventually batter the locking rocker assy out of the top of the bolt assy. Clearly it's been replaced at some point as the numbers don't match. Browning has seachable production records based on model numbers, and serial numbers within that model.

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Although she writes about a wide range of topics, her areas of expertise include fashion, beauty, technology and education. Can anyone tell me when this shotgun was manufactured and any other information about it. The Browning light twelve shotguns serial numbers do not go that high.

Anyone have idea of what model it is? There's always a transition period so yours probably isn't the only one like that. Another way to date a barrel is with the date code. Every Browning has a serial number on it.

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How about a pic of those proofs? Donald, Your guess is as good as mine, but I doubt that number is a length as it's on both the barrel and the extension. So is this gun made during the time when they were having probs.

Receiver and Barrel serial numbers

They also reintroduced it in for one year. How do I decipher this one? Not to the limited data at my disposal. Seems there are a lot of questions here on manufacture dates. They had numbers, speed dating houston uk but not serial numbers.

  • If you're referring to my earlier post, I said those numbers are unexplained, and the first two numbers could not be the year.
  • When was your browning bb made ser no pk?
  • Here is the Browning link to find the date of manufacture.
  • You will need to call Browning.

What else do I need to know? Look at the serial number on the receiver of your shotgun. Are there serial numbers on brownings and where?

Explain serial numbers for browning shotguns? Browning never used the letter B prefix for any of there shotguns serial numbers. Both get worked very hard in use.

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Originally Posted by shucks. No, phoenix create an account now. The serial number of the weapon. You will need to supply the serial numbers to your shotguns to get the age of your browning shotguns correctly. Browning did not record the serial numbers for the double automatic.

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Odd thing is it a which is not listed as a model. But I really have no idea, so I'll keep an open mind. These were a production, so not yours. The ring on my barrel has a serial number matching my receiver, but I also have a number on the barrel that I cant explain using any resources I know of. What year was the Browning Sweet Sixteen manufactured serial number X?

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Got on the Browing site and don't understand. The condition is good with much of the original bluing still present, birthday present for girl though worn. Would appreciate any help from the gurus on this forum!

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Comparison to known serial numbers. Are the serial numbers different on receiver and barrel on a browning double automatic? Browning shotgun serial number how old is it? This gun also has a screwon the front wood that I have not seen on any others and the screws are engraved as well.

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Please provide the model information. To find the date, look at the number just before the letter G. Have read most of what you guys are saying.

That number means something at the factory, but no source I'm aware of decodes it. Originally Posted by LewR. Instead, dating they were simply numbered. They have a link to serial numbers on the sight that should help you.

Previous topic Next topic. Any information would be appreciated. Engraved on the bottom of the receiver will be the serial number. Another interesting thing to note is that it seems to be scribed rather than stamped.

Serial numbers allow for dating when produced. When was Belgium Browning serial number made? How do you know the serial number of a belgium made browning rifle? This is because Browning guns made from through were simply numbered in numeric order rather than given a serial number to denote the year in which they were made.

  1. After that Browning imports used letter prefixes to differentiate the various models.
  2. Does this identify it in any way?
  3. The location depends on the model.
  4. Is this the serial number of a belgium made browning okg?

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