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Once the driver is installed, you should see that it is now listed in the list box. Installation This chapter gives users a package item checklist, sata chipset drivers proper instructions about unpacking and step-by-step procedures for both driver and card installation. Add the device driver to the Windows system. Name the path to the location of the device driver e.

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Frequency Returned frequency value of the counter. Place the chart on the front panel and label it Random Plot. If your waveform chart does not show the whole graph, you can change the scale of the Y-axis.

Channel The channel number of a specified device Voltage The value of output voltage. Drag the loop diagonally to enclose the Random Number function, the Power toggle switch, and the Random Plot chart. VoltageList Returns the value of a list of voltages. When you have completed your device installation and setup, there should be a displayed list reflecting all installations and removals. Port The port number of specified device Data The byte data will be written to specified port.

Information provided in this manual is intended to. If no expansion board is installed, this value will be zero. Count Input value of the specified counter. We recommend the use of shielded cables.

Cnts The number of bytes sent to the serial port. Voltage Returns the value of voltage. BufferChange Indicates whether the data in the buffer is changed or not. VoltageList Returns the values of a list of voltages.

This chart plots data one point at a time. Expchannel specifies the channel number of the expansion board. It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything. All the functions are performed by software polling method. Switch to the Front Panel.

Warning message before start calibration Advantech Co. Installation Flow Chart Advantech Co. Data type Appendix A Card Gain Codes This appendix gives the card gains which correspond to the gain codes in the driver.

String The data string read from the serial port. Channel The channel number of a specified device Voltage The voltage value needing to be changed to be a binary value. Port The port number of specified device BitPos The specified bit position in the port. State Data value read from the specified bit position. The escape data for the serial port.

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Advantech 1710 driver

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The example will verify your hardware installation, illustrate basic data acquisition concepts, and give you a starting point for your application development. Counter number of the specified device.

After checking, press the Run button to execute this tutorial. Input Array The buffer array stores multiple-channel data.

Advantech PCI-1710 Manual

Terminated Indicates whether the waiting operation has terminated or not. Place your pointer in the position where you want to anchor the top left corner of the loop. Parameter Description DeviceName The name of the specified device.

Parameter Description Data Word data read from the specified port. If the label disappears, choose Show Label from the pop-up menu on the toggle switch. The following gives a simplified representation of the circuit and calculating process. Wire the Random Number function to the Random Plot chart terminal.

Advantech PCI User s guide

Regular calibration checks are important to maintain accuracy in data acquisition and control applications. String The data string written to the serial port. The unit of time is milliseconds. The second method has the advantage of operating several counters at the same time. This documentation and the software included with this product are.

Value Binary output value scaled from input voltage. DevInfoList Specifies the list of the installed devices. The setup utility will expand the files on the installation disk and copy them to your system. Gain List An array of gain code for the device previously specified.