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Review Acer TravelMate 5760G-2454G50Mnsk Notebook

Scrolling isn't a problem with it. The screen has been mounted into the case very well.

This wasn't quite achieved in practical use. When all mentioned points are summarized, the image of a very fairly priced notebook is created, which can serve with enough computing reserves and a long battery life besides a few shortcomings. There is a small bar on the touchpad for scrolling. Accessories It's not very surprising that the scope of delivery is limited to the most necessary. We used a variety of current as well as slightly older games for the practical test.

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Thus, the Acer can score with that in terms of battery life and almost proves to be an endurance machine in view of the performance reserves. How the present TravelMate offshoot, with a strong graphics card, fares in practical use will be examined in the following review.

The screen's wide opening angle. The standard instruction leaflets are found in the box besides the notebook.

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The battery can be locked in tight. This is important for professional users, but average users can ignore it. As so often, the image looks pale from the sides - but it doesn't reflect. An automatic script is executed for the runtime test. Thus, it shouldn't be possible for external light to blind the user as much or even affect working on the laptop.

There are useful tools in the software installation, anyway. Intel introduced the aforementioned automatic system overclocking together with the Arrandale chipset generation of dual core processors.

When the screen is tilted to the front, the colors fade extremely. Smooth wrist rest with plain looks. The construction, respectively key height is optimally chosen. The rear doesn't have any interfaces.

Inputs were executed without delays in the test. However, all that glitters is not gold. Robust hinges for the lid.

Hinges are manufactured cleanly. As so often in the notebook sector, high-performance can hardly ever be fused with a low noise level. The buyer has to shell out a lot more money for a better brightness. Desktop performance for Windows Aero.

This can quickly results in a loss of overview. We notice that the interface positioning is concentrated on the far front of both sides. The speakers built into a laptop usually shouldn't be seen as an adequate replacement for full-fledged speakers or headphones. These are only the basic connections for basic things. As can be seen in the pictures, the hotter the processor cores got, the less Turbo mode was used.

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This is now usually managed via a recovery partition on the hard disk, as is the case in our Acer device at hand. As one of the most well-known and widespread manufacturers in the notebook sector, hp scanjet 8300 scanner driver free the company Acer really doesn't need an introduction. Acer's product conception is divided here. Acer omits a locking mechanism on the TravelMate.

Disassembling the case isn't possible without ado. The keyboard's workmanship is good and it's implemented into the case well. In return, the low scope of interfaces on the device is aggravating, just like the fact that only the hard disk can be exchanged without great ado. The look is more straightforward and less robust than in the last models.

Security Security issues have unfortunately been moved into the background in the present TravelMate model. Security issues have unfortunately been moved into the background in the present TravelMate model.

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The corresponding hinges do a good job and provide the lid with a good firmness. Straightforward outline fused with functionality. Graphics Solution It's been observed for years that chip manufacturers refresh their products on a regular basis. Memory operations per second.

Fairly compact dimensions for the battery compartment. Thus, we can't speak of throttling. Large rubber feet ensure a secure stance. The installed data carrier can be exchanged subsequently. It is only limited by the construction itself.

Review Acer TravelMate GG50Mnsk Notebook - Reviews

The hardware configuration has a positive impact on the overall picture. Both speakers are located on the case's front, respectively on its bottom. It looks better for the other test candidates.

Cables can cause space problems beside the laptop when the ports are used extensively. Two audio jacks are also installed. This results in high robustness and resistance. There is also system recovery software and a connections manager. The tests from Futuremark allow creating a good basis for comparison.

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Nevertheless, the notebook and its built-in screen convince in practical use. The hard disk is built-in upside down - it's right side up in operation. There is only one of the latter, which might prove annoying for the customer.

The bottom with a removable hard disk cover. The lid proves to be susceptible for fingerprints. The wide opening angle of the lid is surprising. Nevertheless, it is generally on the expected level. It's not very surprising that the scope of delivery is limited to the most necessary.

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The display lid construction can hardly be warped. However, there is progress in terms of performance. Then, the opinions about the screen differ once again. However, the data carrier lags a bit behind in terms of performance. Despite the cutbacks, useful ports are still installed.

As so often, the image stability is very good from the front, but the displayed colors fade when the angle is changed vertically or horizontally. All ports have been placed on the case's sides. The lateral angles are a bit better and colors stay fairly true.